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About Us

As one of the largest manufacturers in diamond cutting and fitting tools and machinery in Asia, Cutting Edge Technology Corporation (CETC) has organized a global expanding team of multidisciplinary specialists with over 50 years of solid experience of advanced technology in diamond cutting and fitting tools and machinery. Based on the solid foundation, we have built up sales network all over the world by providing high quality and excellent services to our customers. Nowadays DiaTek Tools & Machinery is a market leader in producing diamond cutting & fitting tools and machinery for glass industry.

As ISO9001:2000 certified diamond cutting & fitting tools manufacturer we have dedicated ourselves to producing high quality and efficient products. With our strong R&D team, we work closely with our customers to satisfy their business needs.

We undertake on-site market visits with clients, conduct product-specific market analysis, establish appropriate marketing, and follow-up clients'marketing initiatives such as the launch of a new product, a point-of-sales expansion and sales promotion activities, etc. As a Total Solution Provider, DiaTek offers our customer one-stop shopping service by providing customers with total solution in glass cutting, fitting and machinery. Just drop us an e-mail to find out how we can be your service. We commit ourselves to supplying high quality products at competitive price to help our customers to maintain their competitiveness in the market.


DiaTek is also determined to become the industry leader in protecting environment. Together with our customers and suppliers, our "Green Mission" is to make a significant contribution to the environment through the production and distribution of safe, efficient and environmental friendly products.

We believe what is helpful for our customers will be good for us!

DiaTek, the symbol of confidence; CETC, your reliable business partner.

Cutting Edge Technology Corporation, 3129 S Hacienda Blvd #323, Hacienda Heights, CA 91745 T:909-895-4361 F:626-606-1150
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